Let's get to know each other! That's what this blog is all about. Talking, sharing, interacting, caring..

When reading things like quotes, books, articles and so on I always wonder who the face is behind the words.
And I don’t really mean the face, but the person.

That’s why I think it’s a good idea to introduce myself to you all!
Especially since I created this blog to connect people all over the world with each other, including myself. 

Soooo here it goes! I go by the name Geke
(probably pronounced waaay different then how you now think it’s pronounced),
born and raised in a Dutch village called Urk where I’ve been living for 22 years.
Well my body is, but my heart is somewhere up in the clouds.

Searching for.. whatever feels right and true to myself.

I live with my parents, 3 sisters and our dogs.
We had many problems as a family and I might be the ‘different one’, but I do love them immensely.
As a highly sensitive person these problems did let me to different mental struggles while ‘growing up’.

After finishing my study for doctor’s assistant I decided it was time to take a break after
years of being too hard on myself, going though depression, eating disorders and anxiety’s.

In my time ‘off’ I came closer to my true self, slowly but surely.
I realized that sharing these personal things and mostly what I learned/gained from it to help
or guide others is what feels right! 
That, traveling, connecting and creating content.

So here I am.
Writing about personal sh*t which might help, guide, inspire or motivate others.

Oh by the way it’s not all personal, deep and spiritual.
Food is truly a passion of mine so all things food/nutrition related will also end up here 😉
+travel, yoga, books..

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited to connect and get to know each other! Lots of love and make sure your day is filled with magic